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Community Information

Kingswood Condos are located off Olive Rd. between 9th Ave. and Davis Hwy in Northeast Pensacola, FL 32514. There are 60 condominiums in this community which features sidewalks and an inground pool.

Having a yard sale or community picnic? Let us share it with your neighbors.

School Disctrict: Elementary: Ferry Pass Elementary, Middles: Ferry Pass Middle, High School: Washington High

Association Dues

Kingswood Condominium Association dues are $285 monthly Due on the 1st of each month.  Interest (18% per anum) will be added after 10 days late, per Covenants.

Please mail a check or money order ( no cash accepted ) made payable to Kingswood I Condominium Association to:

Kingswood I Condominium, C/O Realty Masters
4400 Bayou Blvd. #58B
Pensacola, FL 32503

Questions about Dues?
If you have questions about your statement or account balance, please contact Celia Kafka at (850) 473-3983 or Email her.

Information about fines: Florida Statute allows for fines to be levied if covenant violations are not corrected in a timely way. The maximum fine allowed is $100 per day for each violation, with a maximum of $1000 per violation. Fines will only be used as a last resort.  Please address notification of covenant violations promplty and notify Jay Schwartz when corrected.

Board Members and Association Meetings

Meeting dates will be posted on the website, notices mailed out to each owner, or signs posted at the neighborhood entrance or community bulletin board.

Every Association is required to hold an annual meeting. Annual meeting notices are sent out in advance and will contain a proxy and a return envelope. We encourage each and every home owner to participate in your associations meetings. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please be sure to return your proxy in the envelope provided. Annual meetings require quorums and your proxy will be needed in order to meet a quorum and conduct officla meeting business and agenda items.

If you are interested in running for a position on your homeowner’s association’s board of directors please contact your property manager for more information on becoming a board member. 

Board of Directors:
Nancy Newbill, President
ListItemJoy Beasley, Vice President
ListItemMargaret Wilcox, Secretary/Treasurer
ListItemLiz Bell, Director
ListItemRose Morthorst, Director
ListItemKen Schneider, Director
ListItemJennifer Stewart, Director

You may Email your board and committee members by clicking on their name.

To find out when the next meeting is scheduled for your association, Email Celia.

Important Documents

List of Governing Documents:
ListItemRules and Regs
ListItemKingswood I Condominium Docs

Meeting minutes:

ListItemMeeting minutes January 22, 2014
ListItemMeeting minutes February 10, 2014
ListItemMeeting minutes March 15, 2014
ListItemMeeting minutes April 19, 2014
ListItemMeeting minutes May 17, 2014
ListItemMeeting minutes June 16, 2014
ListItemMeeting minutes September 25, 2014
ListItemMeeting minutes October 23, 2014
ListItemMeeting minutes January 22, 2015
ListItemMeeting minutes June 18, 2015
ListItemMeeting minutes September 10, 2015

You can Request Additional HOA Docs here.

How to Report Maintenance Request and Violations

ListItemReport a Maintenance Problem:
To report a maintenance problem or hazardous condition in the subdivision, please email Celia, submit the online form, or call the office at (850) 473-3983. Our office hours are Monday - Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm. If it is outside of office hours, and is a REAL EMERGENCY, please call our Emergency Cell Phone at (850) 512-6019.

ListItemReport a Violation:
If you have noticed a home owner or tenant consistently violating the covenants in your neighborhood or complex, please feel free to report the issue.

ListItemTo Report a Street Light Power Outage:
To report a street light power outage in your complex, please call Gulf Power at (850) 969-3111 or click here to report it online!

Contact your Association Management 

Your Licensed Community Association Manager is Celia Kafka

Phone: (850) 473-3983   /   Fax: (850) 473-3975
Email: Celia

Mail Address:
Kingswood I Condominiums

4400 Bayou Blvd. #58B
Pensacola, FL 32503



Please contact your association manager for more information.  Realty Masters of FL is proud to serve this community and welcomes any and all questions.