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 Pay Your Rent Online to Realty Masters

You can always pay your rent in our office at 4400 Bayou Blvd 58B, Pensacola, FL 32503. We are open 6 days a week to take your payments and have a drop box for your convenience to accommodate payments 24 hours a day.

Additionally, we now have two easy ways to pay your rent online!

1) Payclix.com - Most of our residents are familiar with Payclix. You can still pay your rent online through payclix using this link.  Payclix allows you to send an e-check for $1.50 per transaction 

2) Renttrack - Our new payment system allows for online payments at a discounted rate from Payclix and also allows you the opportunity to build your credit by reporting your rental payments to the credit agencies! Use this link to sign up and choose to make a one-time payment or to set up reoccuring payments monthly. 

We are excited to announce a new payment option for our residents.- RentTrack! Realty Masters has partnered with RentTrack to offer the opportunity for our residents to build and improve their credit while leasing through Realty Masters.

ListItemWhy are we excited? 
1)  The fee is cheaper than Payclix.com and is only $1.00 to send an e-check.
2)  When paying through this system, you can opt in to allowing RentTrack to report your rental payments to the three credit bureaus. While paying your rent timely in the past has resulted in a satisfactory residential reference, we've never been able to offer the option to report your timely rental payments to the credit agencies to build and improve your credit score! There are so many reasons that your credit score is important and we want to help you improve yours. 
3)  This program allows to send one-time payments online or to schedule for automatic draft of rental payments from your bank account.

While it's a little extra work for us, we're happy to offer this program and hope that most of our residents choose to opt in to this program. 

ListItemHow do you get started?
You have or will receive an email from RentTrack with instructions how to sign up for this program. If you have received an email by Monday, please reach out to us. It's an easy registration process to get started! 

ListItemCan I still use Payclix?
Should you choose to continue paying on Payclix, that is okay! Payclix will remain an alternate option for any of our residents who choose not to opt in to this program. We are hoping to phase payclix out over the next six months. 

Remember, online payment systems are only available through the 3rd of the month as rent is late as of the 4th. You are not able to submit late rent payments through any of our online systems and must bring any late rent into the office in a certified check or money order per your lease agreement. 

For any questions about paying online, reach out to our office at (850) 473-3983 or via email.