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Escambia, Santa Rosa and Okaloosa Counties School Information & Higher Education in Pensacola

School Information

We understand that school districts are important when shopping for homes to lease or purchase in the Pensacola area. There are approximately 50+ schools in Escambia County alone. These links will help you navigate to find schools that fit your needs. If you are new to the area and researching school districts:

Start here with School Grades:

The Florida Department of Education maintains a searchable database of all public school ratings in the state of Florida. To find out how our local elementary, middle, and high schools ranked, search their database here.

Then find more information, including school locations and programs:

Escambia County School List:List of complete schools for Pensacola, Cantonment, Perdido Key, Pensacola Beach

Escambia County School District: Communities of Pensacola, Cantonment, Perdido Key

Santa Rosa County School List: Complete list of Schools for Gulf Breeze, Pensacola Beach, Pace, Milton Navarre

Santa Rosa County School District: Communities of Gulf Breeze, Pensacola Beach, Pace, Milton, and Navarre

Okaloosa County School District: Communities of Mary Esther Fort Walton Beach

The University of West Florida: Located in North Pensacola, 32514 zip code

Pensacola State College: Located in Pensacola off N 9th Ave. 32504 zip code

Pensacola Christian College: Located in Pensacola off Brent Lane, 32503

State Department of Education: School reports, statistics, demographics and more

Gulf Breeze, FL Schools:

Elementary: There are three elementary schools in Gulf Breeze- including the one on Pensacola Beach. Pensacola Beach Elementary is the smallest of the three; a charter school with only about 140 students in grades kindergarten to fifth grade. Of course, you must live on the beach in order to attend the "beach school" as it's called locally. Oriole Beach Elementary and Gulf Breeze Elementary are also kindergarten through fifth grade and have about 750- 800 students each. Gulf Breeze Elementary is located in the Gulf Breeze Proper area, only 2 miles from the Three Mile Bridge, while Oriole Beach Elementary is about 10 miles east of Pensacola.

Middle: There are two middle schools in Gulf Breeze. Gulf Breeze Middle is located in Gulf Breeze Proper between the elementary and high school, and has been an A+ school for over ten years now. The school has about 850 students with about 45-50 teachers. Woodlawn Beach Middle School is located about 15 miles east of Pensacola, and has students from Gulf Breeze, "Midway", and Navarre. Woodlawn Beach has been operating since 2000 and is a larger middle school, with over 1,000 students and 55 teachers.

High School: Gulf Breeze High School is the only high school in Gulf Breeze and is located in the "proper" area next to the elementary and middle school. GBHS is an A school! There are over 1,550 students with over 81 teachers and a full staff. Since 2003, Gulf Breeze High has offered honors and advanced placement classes, as well as dual enrollment. Dual enrollment allows students to take classes at both the high school, as well as at either Pensacola Junior College or the University of West Florida camp. With approved grades, seniors have the option to attend a local university and obtain college and high school credits simultaneously.

Navarre, FL Schools:

Currently, the population of Navarre is over 30,000, with approximately 5,000 school-aged children & teenagers. There are four elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school in the community of Navarre, all of which are A Schools. The Navarre School district is highly desired because of the A-rated schools and small beach community feel.

Elementary Schools:

Navarre's elementary schools are set up a bit different than Gulf Breeze and Pensacola. Navarre has both Holley Navarre Intermediate (A school enrolling grades 3 to 5 with about 800 current students) as well as Holley Navarre Primary (A school with grades K to 2 and over 650 students) in addition to West Navarre Intermediate (also A school with about 700 students grades 3 to 5) and West Navarre Primary (also A school with about 600 students grades K-2). Navarre has shown exponential growth over the last 10 years, as the expansion of Eglin & Hurlburt AFB's have made Navarre home to many active military families. This explains the large number of elementary schools now in the area, as well as the addition of the new middle school

Middle Schools:

The main middle school in Navarre, also an A rated school, is Holley Navarre Middle School. Established in 1989, this was the only school in the Navarre area. Before Woodlawn Beach Elementary was opened, there were over 1,200 students at HNMS, but enrollment has dropped to about 700 stduents since the new middle school opened. The average class size for core academic classes is about 20-22 students per class. Woodlawn Beach Middle School is located about 15 miles east of Pensacola, and has students from Gulf Breeze, "Midway", and Navarre. Woodlawn Beach has been operating since 2000 and is a larger middle school, with over 1,000 students and 55 teachers.

High School:

There is only one High School in the Navarre area, conveniently named Navarre High School. Wth their mascot The Pirates, Navarre High School is also an A school with over 1,800 students and 91 teachers. Navarre High School has 21 varsity sports, a dozen junior varisty sports, and over 20 current clubs and activity groups to keep all students active in learning.

Pace, FL Schools:

Elementary schools in Pace are Pea Ridge Elementary and SS Dixon Primary and Intermediary. SS Dixon Primary school teaches grades K-2 with over 600 students and 50 teachers. SS Dixon Intermediary instructs grades 3-5, with over 700 students and 52 teachers. Pea Ridge Elementary teachers grates preK- 5 with over 710 students currently enrolled and over 56 teachers. School times are 7:30- 1:55. Sims Middle School is the primary middle school in the Pace area and teaches grades 6-8. It has about 900 students, with 51 teachers, the classes maintain a small class size. Pace High School is an A rated school and the only high school in Pace. The school teaches over 1900 students, with over 105 teachers (100 of those with bachelor degrees and higher).

Milton, FL Schools:

There are quite a few elementary schools in Milton, FL. Bagdad Elementary is located in the Bagdad area and teaches grades K-5. The school has about 415 students and is the only elementary school not currently ranked as an A school. Bennett C. Russell is currently ranked an A school and is also a K-5 elementary school in Milton. The elementary school has over 850 students! Berryhill Elementary is located in the Berryhill area of Milton, and is also currently rated an A school. Berryhill teaches grades PK-5 and has over 800 stduents as well. East Milton Elementary School is a smaller school off 700 students located off Hwy 90 in East Milton on Ward Basin Rd. East Milton is also presently graded as an A school. W.H. Rhodes Elementary is also an A school and has over 60 teachers.

There are three middle schools in Milton: Avalon Middle, Hobbs Middle, and King Middle. Avalon Middle School has approximately 750 students and is currently ranked an A School. Hobbs Middle School is also an A school and is located off Glover Ln in Milton. Hobbs Middle school also has about 750 students. King Middle school is off Hwy 87 near Whiting Field NAS. King Middle has about 600 students.

Milton High School is located about 5 miles from Whiting Field and 8 miles from Avalon Blvd. exit. The school has over 1900 students and currently has a D rating

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