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Some items an owner SHOULD AVOID having in their rental property!

Items owners should avoid in rentals

Some items an owner SHOULD AVOID having in their rental property!

Today is the day; you just received a 30 day notice to vacate from your current tenant. Now as a homeowner with a rental property, the first thing on your mind is to get your house rented. You may also be thinking about sprucing up the property after the tenant vacates. IDEAS are coming to mind, such as a new paint job throughout the home or even replacing flooring that you let go one more year. Although some updates or repairs can be costly, there are many benefits to have the work completed in between tenants. As property management professionals, there are items that we have seen that may seem like great additions, but have drawbacks in rental properties. Here are a few things that just shouldn’t be in rental home.

  • Playsets/Above ground Pools/Trampolines/Treehouses: So I get the thought, these are fun additions that could make your property stand out. It would be nice, but it would be best to keep these items away from a rental property.  All these items are big liability issues and safety concerns.  If the tenant is hurt on these items then the home insurance claims can be a frustrating process to deal with. This could be added cost for you as an owner.
  • Expensive Pool Filtration System and Hot tubs:  Unless you are including pool maintenance with the rental amount then I highly recommend not having this installed. Tenants are expected to maintain the home as if it is their own and treat the home with care, but this isn’t always the case. If this system breaks, requires upkeep, or preventive maintenance – you may not be able to rely on the tenant to take care of it. We are recommending that our owners have pool maintenance included, if their property has a pool, for this reason. This will save a lot of headaches and sleepless nights.  Trust us!
  • Salt Water Treatment System: This is amazing to have in newer homes to increase the longevity of the pipes or in old areas where hard water is a problem. If you have routine maintenance to take care of the system, it is a great asset for the home. Unfortunately, along the same thinking with pools, sometimes tenants do not take the needed care of systems while in your property. If there is an issue with the system or upkeep needed – you are on the hook.  Also what if it breaks while in use then will the tenant be required to pay for it? Overall, may not be best for a rental property.
  • Security Systems or Alarm Systems: Added security is usually always a plus; it is attractive to renters for peace of mind and also can be helpful for any emergency services. The major drawback we have with alarm systems is the service setup with them. Most of the time, the service is disconnected and the hardware is still at the house. This can lead to confusion that it is active or not. Some tenants setup service and are able to use the system in place, but other times if tenants wanted a security system the companies install new hardware. Overall, it becomes an unnecessary hassle that is not maintained.
  • Wooden Toilet Seats and Cushion Pad Seats: Can we say ouch? That is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of these. These types of toilet seats crack, break, and harder to get clean. Over time, there is wear and tear. You would not want to deal with all the potential issues these can cause. It is best to change it to the standard toilet seat and keep it moving.


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