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To Do List for First Time Home Buyers
Nicole St. Aubin
Buying a Home

First Time Home Buyer To Do List

If you are interested in purchasing your first home and are unsure where to start, this To Do List is for you! Provided by the Florida Realtors, this checklist gives you a good idea of the steps to purchasing a home. 

First Time Home Buyer To Do List

The first steps are critical- saving money for your down payment and improving your credit score so you can get a better interest rate.  If you need help with tips on how to improve your credit, check out this article

Of course, you need a great Realtor, so if you are ready to get more information about buying your first home in the Pensacola, Florida area, give Pam or David a call at Realty Masters (850) 473-3983 or email David@PensacolaRealtyMasters.com with your list of questions! We look forward to working wth you. 

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