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6 Effortless Downsizing Steps for Seniors
Contributing Author

If you are getting ready for retirement, you are preparing for some of the most exciting years of your life. These are your golden years and it’s important to take every step needed to make them some of your best.

One way many seniors get the most out of their retirement is by downsizing their home. A smaller home typically means less mortgage to pay, as well as less maintenance to keep up with. If you are considering upgrading to a smaller home, here are some tips to help ease the process.

Finding a Home That Fits

When you are shopping for a smaller home, you should take enough time to really do your homework. Look into neighborhoods, home sizes and prices that will fit with all of your retirement plans. It’s also especially important to look at home values in recent months. As you are looking at houses, be sure to look for features that will make you feel safer and comfortable as you grow older such as security systems and accessibility upgrades. You should also bring your tape measure, so you can figure out whether your most loved pieces of furniture will fit without cluttering up your home. Finally, don’t hesitate to plan your move before you even find a home. This makes it easier to avoid stress and enlist the help of movers or family members.

Sorting Through Your Belongings

Closing on a home is major first step in downsizing, so the rest should be a piece of cake. Sorting through, packing and moving your home doesn’t have to cause you stress as long as you take some time to plan and research downsizing tips. Carefully consider what furniture and items you would like to bring. Obviously, you don’t want to have to replace all of your furniture but keeping bulky items in a small home can create a safety hazard. Divide other items into what you must keep, what you’d like to keep and what can definitely go.

For those things you simply cannot bear to part with yet, but cannot fit into your new home, think about renting a storage unit to keep them safe. Storage units in Pensacola, FL, range in price from $32 - $114, depending on size and specifications. For photos and paper documents, scan what you can, file away what you need to keep and shred leftovers or give photos to loved ones.

Packing Everything Safely

Streamlining your stuff should make packing a little easier. But it still helps to have some pro packing tips to make the process even smoother. Kitchen packing tends to be tricky, with all the sharp objects and breakables. Use socks, foam plates and oven mitts to cushion and protect fragile plates, breakable glasses and sharp knives. You can also cover utensil trays with plastic wrap to make unpacking easier.

When it comes to electronics, make sure you snap a photo before you disconnect wires, to give yourself a guide when hooking back up. You can also use egg crates, plastic wrap and trash bags to easily protect your jewelry, toiletries and clothing when packing up the bedroom and bathrooms. Be sure to label each box, so you know where it goes, and consider buying packs of quality moving boxes that cost as low as $29.40 to keep your belongings safe.

Once you have everything moved into your new home, you’re a third of the way to being done! Just take care when unpacking all of your items, as some things can shift during the move and ask for help with heavy or bulky belongings, so you can avoid injuries.

Downsizing is such an easy way to maximize your retirement. By moving to a smaller home, you are relieving a lot of stress in your life. Plan carefully, get help when you need it, and above all, enjoy your golden years in your new home.

Michael Longsdon

originally posted 12-07-2018

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