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6 Tips for A Luscious Pensacola Lawn
Contributing Author
Lawn care


Julie Benson

Keeping your lawn well cared for is important when owning a home or rental property. Lawns are the first things that potential buyers or renters will see when viewing a potential property. Make sure that your lawn is in great condition with these five tips for a luscious Pensacola Lawn.

1. Known When to Water

Consider choosing to water your lawn only a few times a week to encourage the root system to grow deeper into the soil. Lawns that are watered daily will actually do more harm in keeping roots shallow to utilize the most moisture. Choosing to give your lawn a deep watering a few times a week will help keep lawns hydrated as well as establish roots for a stronger and healthier look. Some lawns may need little watering thanks to the humid air from the Gulf Coast. Before watering your lawn, it is important to make sure to check to see that it actually needs to be watered. Also, consider local weather conditions to refrain from watering after a big rainstorm off the coast.

Make sure to water in the early morning or later evening hours of the day to minimize the risk of evaporation, and can also minimize mosquitoes. Watering your lawn in the heat of the day is a great way to raise your water bill as well as waste water. Allowing your lawn enough time to soak up the water, before the sun gets too hot, is essential to providing your lawn with enough moisture.

2. Don’t Bag It Up

Many property owners believe that bagging up grass clippings is the best way to provide a luscious lawn but the opposite is actually true. Allowing grass clippings to return to the lawn is a great way to add an extra boost of nitrogen to the soil. Grass clippings break down quickly and provide a natural mulch to the soil which can result in a more luscious lawn. Skipping the bag will also help the local Pensacola environment since less yard waste is added to landfills.

3. Remember to Aerate

Pensacola lawns can get overgrown with grass and thatch in the warm conditions of the area. Make sure that your lawn has access to air and nutrients by aerating the lawn once every two years. This will help ensure that the deeper parts of the lawn and root system are exposed to natural sunlight, water, and nutrients to establish a stronger lawn. Renting an aerator is the best option for those properties with larger lawn areas that will get the job done quickly.

4. Overseed During Winter

Many Pensacola lawns are planted with warm season grasses like Zoysia Grass, Bermudagrass, and Seashore Paspalum. These varieties are great because they stand up well to the warm and humid conditions of Pensacola during the spring and summer months. However, Pensacola’s location in USDA Growing Zone 9 can mean that these grasses grow dormant and turn brown once cooler weather appears. Consider overseeding your warm season lawn with cool season grass varieties, like Kentucky Bluegrass, to grow a green lawn during the cooler parts of the year. Potential buyers and tenants will appreciate a green lawn year-round as well.

5. Add Extra Energy

Fertilizing your lawn is a great way to ensure that it is receiving all of the proper nutrients that it requires for healthy growth. Consider a quick release fertilizer for those lawns that need to be greened up quickly. However, make sure to use quick release options carefully as too much in one area can burn the lawn. Slow release fertilizers are great for those property owners who want to feed their lawn over a longer period of time. These slow dissolving pellets or granules are easy to spread in the lawn and don’t usually cause any burning issues.

6. Mow Frequently with Sharp Blades

It is extremely important to mow your lawn frequently here in Pensacola, as grass tends to grow quickly in regions with frequent rainfall.  Many homeowners tend to wait until the grass is overgrown before mowing.  This behavior puts stress on the grass blades, causing your lawn to turn brown and become thin over time.  Additionally, it is important to mow your lawn with sharpened blades.  You should sharpen your blades every 20-30 uses.  If this all sounds like too much work, you can hire a professional for about $47 per service, according to data from LawnStarter.

Keeping your property’s lawn in great condition is easier to do in the warmer Pensacola climate than other parts of the country. Consider these five tips for a luscious lawn to keep your Pensacola property looking lush all year long.

Julie Benson

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