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Mike Hamby realtor

Mike is a Real Estate Investor and Agent in Pensacola, Florida specializing in residential investment property including flipping, rehabbing, wholesaling, and rentals. From his marketing expenses, he works with owner occupants/ investors looking for distressed single family residences, house hack multi-family 2-4 units, buy and hold single family property and apartments. 

Please reach out with assignment deals, requests to be added to our buyers list, interests in speaking about house hacking, or if you are landlord seeking rental property investment deals.

Originally from Ohio, Mike has been in the Real Estate Business since 2016 after reading "Rich Dad, Poor Dad." He has since bought about 40 properties himself and assisted clients in over 80 transactions. He is an active member on BiggerPockets.com and the local Professional Investors Guild. 

Give Mike a call at (850) 607-3207 or email him at Mike@HambyHousing.com