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Back to School for Pensacola area residents August 13, 2018!
Chuntell Patterson
School Grades

Pensacola, Florida back to school

It seems like it was just yesterday that the Principal was playing “School’s out for summer” over the intercom on the last day of school. Escambia County School district has made the most of its summer with the release of school grades, finalizing the opening of two new schools, and offering free meals to ALL schools in the district because of the Community Eligibility Provision program. 

2017 Escambia County- Pensacola, Florida area school grades                                                                    

School grades for Escambia County were released in June and overall grade for Escambia went up to a B this year. Congratulations!

Some schools who made improvements were Pine Forest High, Warrington Elementary, A.K. Suter Elementary, Myrtle Grove Elementary, and Scenic Heights Elementary. Please review the entire list of grades for each school above. 

Escambia County Schools that received an A score include: Hellen Caro Elementary, N.B. Cook Elementary, Cordova Park Elementary, Scenic Heights Elementary, A.K. Suter Elementary, Molino Park Elementary, Pensacola Beach Elementary, Brown Barge Middle, and West Florida High School. 

You can view both Escambia and Santa Rosa County school grades on the Florida Department of Accountability webstie here: http://www.fldoe.org/accountability/accountability-reporting/school-grades/ 

The Escambia County School district welcomes two new schools this year, Kingsfield Elementary and Beulah Middle School. These schools were built to offset some of the growth in the 9 Mile Rd. area with the expansion of Navy Federal Credit Union. The schools have already had Parent Teacher Associations established and meetings held. I was told that Kingsfield Elementary will have over 400 students transferred from the Pine Meadow Elementary. Both facilities are state of the art and tours are encouraged before the school year starts.

Free Lunch via the Community Eligibility Program

In the past, in order to receive free or reduced lunch, parents had to fill out an application to qualify based on income. In recent years, ALL public middle and high schools went to FREE lunch for ALL students. In most schools if 50% or more students were on free/reduced lunch then the whole school automatically went to FREE lunch but according to WEAR news 3 article, all schools are now eligible for free lunch. Schools that will be participating in this new program called Community Eligibility Provision program are:

Elementary Schools:Jim Allen Elementary, Bellview Elementary, Bratt Elementary, Brentwood Elementary, Byrneville Elementary, Ensley Elementary, Ferry Pass Elementary, Global Learning Academy, Holm Elementary, Lincoln Park Elementary, R.C. Lipscomb Elementary, Longleaf Elementary, McArthur Elementary, Molino Park Elementary, Montclair Elementary, Myrtle Grove Elementary, Navy Point Elementary, Oakcrest Elementary, Pine Meadow Elementary, Pleasant Grove Elementary, Scenic Heights Elementary, O.J. Semmes Elementary, Sherwood Elementary, Warrington Elementary, C.A. Weis Elementary and West Pensacola Elementary.

Middle Schools: Jim C. Bailey Middle, Bellview Middle, Ernest Ward Middle, Ferry Pass Middle, Warrington Middle and J.H.Workman Middle.

High Schools: Escambia High, Northview High, Pensacola High, Pine Forest High and Booker T. Washington High School.

Alternative Education/Centers:

Camelot Academy, Capstone Academy, Escambia Westgate School, George Stone Technical College (Phoenix Initiative Program), Jacqueline Harris Preparatory Academy, Judy Andrews, Lakeview Center and McMillan Pre-K Center.

If your school is not listed then you will need to fill out application to know if your child qualifies.


August 3-5, 2018 is tax free weekend. Please be sure to read the fine print in all business establishments.

School supplies list are located on the Escambia County School District website as well as most Walmarts, Targets and office supply stores.

Are you excited about the kids returning to school? Reach out if we can help you find a home for sale or for rent in your child's school district. 

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originally posted 07-24-2018

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