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Maintenance Tips & Troubleshooting

Refer to your Tenant Handbook for additional maintenance tips!

Getting Rid of Scuff Marks

Getting Rid of Scuff Marks:

    Scuff marks are a part of life. They are, in fact, proof that life happens. That being said, sometimes we need to clean them up. So what is the easy solution?

Magic Erasers:

    We usually associate magic erasers with heavy cleaning in the bathroom. The truth is that they are just an all around fantastic cleaning product. In most cases, you don’t even need to get the eraser wet for it to clean up scuffs. Magic Erasers work especially well on baseboards. Keep in mind, they work best with white paint and do contain bleach. We do not recommend using them on colored walls and trim. 

Tennis Balls

    Tennis balls can be your heavy hitters when it comes to scuff removal. The unique texture of the balls can remove scuffs leaving virtually no trace that they were ever there. The tennis balls work especially well on doors and walls.



    Got a scuff that just won’t go? No problem. Try a little toothpaste and a clean brush or rag. The toothpaste’s makeup is made to get rid of unwanted build ups. Toothpaste is optimal for flooring such as vinyl or tile.


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