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New to the Neighborhood?
Start here! 

Welcome and congrats on your new home! Residing in a condo or home with an owner's association may be new to you. We're here to answer any questions you may have and provide you resources so all parties understand the responsibilities and enjoy the benefits of the homeowner's association. 

Your Association's Webpage

Things You Handle as a Home Owner

  • Following all association Rules and Regulations

  • Paying association dues and assessments as well as your mortgage, utility bills, taxes, and insurance

  • Maintaining lawn and property in a neat and orderly fashion

  • Attending regular and annual board meetings

  • Getting ARC approval for architectural modifications and changes to the outside of your property before they are made

  • Picking up after your pets

Things We Don't Handle 

  • Making HOA decisions without the direction of the BOD

  • Making the HOA rules and regulations

  • Providing vendor and/ or maintenance to your personal property 

  • Resolving disputes or disagreements between you and your neighbors

  • Contacting animal control for roaming/nuisance pets

  • Giving legal advice

Things We Handle 

  • Be your primary point of contact for the following:

  • Resident Concerns- We can help you resolve concerns about your community

  • Homeowner Inquires 

  • Vendor Management for common area maintenance 

  • Community Finance: make sure bills are paid on time 

  • Execute the decisions and directives approved by the Board of Directors.  (We take direction from the Board of Directors)

  • Enforce Covenants, Restrictions and By-Laws. 

  • Provide Documents for the HOA

  • Budget Preparation, monthly and annual financial reports

  • Document requests from members, activities, and storage of records for the HOA

  • Regular neighborhood inspections to recognize any covenant violations, and send appropriate correspondence.

  • Violation letters, delinquency notices, assist with collections.