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Maintenance Tips & Troubleshooting

Refer to your Tenant Handbook for additional maintenance tips!

How to Unclog your Toilet

Use a plunger to unclog your toilet. 

Be sure no foreign objects were placed in the toilet.

If plunging is not successful, use Drano Max Buildup in the toilet as directed.  Allow the product to sit in the toilet and attempt to plunge the toilet again.

If unsuccessful, call a plumber. Remember that many clogged toilets are caused by flushing items that are not made to be flushed and is most of the time a tenant bill back charge.


Quick unclogging tips:

Let’s face it, sometimes it happens. The toilet or sink just gets backed up. Sometimes we can’t quite get the plunger to work so what other options are there?

Hot Water

When I say hot water, I mean hot water not boiling. Boiling water can cause porcelain to break. But heating up some hot water and pouring it into the toilet or sink can help to break down what is clogging it.


Bath Bomb

While not the most conventional option, a bath bomb can actually help unclog an unruly toilet. The salts in the bomb can sometimes help break down whatever is clogging your toilet. In addition, who wouldn’t want to try this at least once. We can guarantee your bathroom will at least smell good.


Dishwasher Soap

Dish soap whole purpose is to break down unwanted substances so you can clean up easier. It only makes sense that it would help with unclogging a toilet too right? All you have to do is put some soap in the toilet and let it do its thing. Come back in 20 minutes and see if it worked. Your toilet may be a bit bubbly for a while but this hack can definitely come in handy.

So the next time you’re caught without a plunger, try out some of these hacks!

Clogged Toilet

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