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Maintenance Tips & Troubleshooting

Refer to your Tenant Handbook for additional maintenance tips!

How to use WD40 to fix common household problems

If there are only two things in your tool box the first thing should be duct tape and the second should be WD40. Made with a special combination of oils, WD40 can listen and smooth out just about anything that should turn. The spray can be used on door hinges, knobs that get stuck, noisy joints and hinges throughout the house.

To specifically fix door hinges, it is rather simple. All you will want is an old rag or paper towel and the spray.

  1. Hold the cloth under the hynge you are about to spray so that it will catch any runoff.

  2. The next step, is simply to spray.

  3. You may have to open and close the door a few times to get it worked into the joints.

  4. If it is still squeaking you may need to spray again and continue to work in the oil.

  5. Vola, peace and quiet.

This simply DIY is sure to impress everyone in the house. You’ve never experienced true peace and quiet until even your doors are silent. You deserve all the peace you can get.


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