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Reply to a Violation Letter

Received a violation notice? 

Don't worry! As long as you have taken corrective action within the time frame noticed, you are fine. Use this space to respond to a violation letter by giving us an update that corrective action has been taken or to provide other feedback. We understand that timing is often the issue with simple violations. There is no need to be upset or concerned should have you receive a first notice of violation. We do appreciate if you communciate with us in regards to this issue so that we may follow up with the Board of Directors.

If this is your first violation, don’t take it personally. It is the duty of the Association Board, to direct Management, to uphold and enforce all governing documents for the Association. If the violation has already been resolved, then that’s all you need to do and the resolution will be noted in your file. If this is your 2nd violation for the same issue and it remains unresolved, you may be subject to fines if the violation is not resolved promptly. Please be sure to communicate with us in regards to the status. 

If you are experiencing a hardship that prevents you from resolving the violation, please contact the Association Manager immediately to discuss your options.

To review a copy of your associations' covenants and restrictions or bylaws, visit your Homeowners association page. For more specific questions, contact your association manager by calling the office at (850) 473-3983 or email us.


Reply to a Violation Letter