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Pensacola area Communities and Zip Codes

Realty Masters professionally manages and leases properties in both Escambia County, Florida and Santa Rosa County, Florida. 


If you are moving to the area and unsure of the local area, we hope this information on Pensacola area Zip Codes and communities will be helpful. 


Escambia County Zip Codes & Areas

We are proud to present the following information on Escambia County, Florida for the communities of Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, Cantonment, and Perdido Key, Florida.

Pensacola, Florida Zip Codes

Pensacola, FL 32501- Downtown Pensacola 

Downtown Pensacola is represented by both the zip codes 32501 and 32502. The 32501 zip code includes the historic area of North Hill and the southern portion of East Hill. It runs along Cevantes Street from Bayou Texar to Pace Blvd. and includes the areas west of Palafox Street and East of Pace Blvd. up to Texar Drive. 

Housing in the 32501 zip code includes mainly historic and older homes. There are no large apartment communities in this area. 

Also in this 32501, Pensacola, Florida are the following landmarks:

  • Baptist Hospital 
  • Pensacola Graffiti Bridge
  • Pensacola High School
  • Escambia County Jail

Pensacola, FL 32502- Downtown Pensacola 

The rest of Downtown Pensacola is encompassed in zip code 32502 including the main commercial area we know as Downtown Pensacola. The 32502 zip code runs along Bayfront Parkway and E Gregory Street from the 3 Mile Bridge in Pensacola to Pace Blvd.

Because this area is largely commercial, there is very little single family housing in the 32502 zip code. Housing in this area is scarce and, for the most part, expensive.  There is a large influx in new construction in Downtown Pensacola, and downtown now features one newly built apartment complex named Southtowne Apartments. 

Many favorite Pensacola events take place in this area including Pensacola Mardis Gras Parades, 4th of July Fireworks, and the annual McGuire’s Prediction Run. While a small area, this zip codes packs a lot of the shopping, entertainment, and waterfront activities in the Downtown Pensacola area including:

  • Port of Pensacola
  • Many of the area museums including Children's Museum, the Pensacola Museum of Art, and Veteran's Memorial Park
  • Historic venues such as Museum of Commerce, Seville Square, Historic Pensacola Village, and Old Christ Church
  • Entertainment such as the Pensacola Little Theatre and Saenger Theatre 
  • Downtown Pensacola dining including waterfront dining such as Jaco's, The Fish House, and The Oar House
  • The world famous Joe Patti's Seafood 
  • Pensacola Wahoo's Stadium

Pensacola, FL 32503- Southeast Pensacola

The area of Pensacola located in zip code 32503 is commonly referred to as East Pensacola, more specifically, Southeast Pensacola. This includes the area East of I-110 to Pensacola Bay and ends stretches north to Summit Blvd. It includes a large portion of waterfront along Pensacola Bay and Bayou Texar.

The 32503 zip code includes the northern portion of East Hill and also includes Southeast Pensacola Heights, the Cordova Park area, and several other large neighborhoods. While this area includes some major commercial roads including part of Pensacola Blvd, North 9th Ave., and portions of Brent Lane, Burgess Rd, and Airport Blvd, the area is largely residential. It features several apartment communities and a mix of single family homes and multi-family properties. 

32503 also includes the following major attractions:

  • Parks including Bayview Park, Roger Scott Pool, and Bay Bluff Parks 
  • Pensacola Christian College 
  • A large portion of the car dealerships known locally as "Car City"

Pensacola, FL 32504- Northeast Pensacola

Northeast Pensacola, Florida 32504 is a smaller zip code located to the north and east of the 32503 zip code. It includes several commercial areas along Creighton Rd, North 9 Avenue, and Airport Blvd. The area features a lot of larger homes along Scenic Hwy and includes a fair amount of condo communities, apartment complexes, and other multi-family properties near the Langley Avenue and Creighton Road areas. 

  • Pensacola International Airport
  • Pensacola State College 
  • Shopping including Cordova Mall and University Town Plaza 
  • Sacred Heart Hospital 
  • Schools including Holm Elementary School, Scenic Heights Elementary, Washington High School, 

Pensacola, FL 32505- Central Pensacola

The 32505 zip code represents Central Pensacola. It's landlocked for the most part although does encompass a small area along Bayou Chico, Bayou Grove and Marcus Lake. Major streets in the 32505 zip code include Pensacola Blvd (Hwy 29), Pace Blvd., Fairfield Drive, and Massachusetts Ave. It stretches north from near Downtown Pensacola to I-10 largely between Pensacola Blvd. and Mobile Hwy. The area has a fair representation of commercial, residential, and multi-family properties. It is also home to:

  • Entertainment such as Fast Eddies Fun Center and Sam's Fun City
  • Marcus Pointe Golf Club 
  • Pensacola Humane Society and Wildlife Sanctuary  

Pensacola, FL 32506- West Pensacola

The 32506 zip code represents the portion of West Pensacola that stretches from the western border of the 32505 zip code and north of the 32507 zip code. It includes the portions of the major roads of Hwy 98 West, Lillian Hwy, South Blue Angel Pkwy, Jackson Street, and Bauer Road.  This area includes a lot of wetland, nature, and parks. As it stretches to the Florida/ Alabama border and neighbors Perdido Bay and Tarklin Bayou, there is abundant waterfront and includes a lot of waterfront homes. While the military have their own zip code, this area also borders Corry Station and the Pensacola Naval Hospital and Naval Exchange.

The Pensacola 32506 zip code is also home to:

  • Tarklin Bayou State Park and Preserve
  • Pensacola Greyhound Track
  • Blue Angel Recreation Park & Southwest Escambia Sports Complex

Pensacola, FL 32507- Southwest Pensacola & Perdido Key

The 32507 zip code represents Southwest Pensacola and Perdido Key! It sits to the south of the 32506 zip code and stretches to the Alabama/ Florida state border. It includes a large amount of protected lands and waterfront property being that it encompasses Bayou Grande, Bayou Chico, Perdido Bay, Big Lagoon, and the Gulf of Mexico! This area is largely residential and includes a lot of the area's waterfront. It is also home to a large amount of protected and nature lands as well. Along with Pensacola Beach, the Perdido Key area is home to a large majority of condo communities in the Pensacola area. Many are rented as vacation rentals but Perdido Key is home to a few hundred year-round residents. 

The 32507 zip code also borders Naval Air Station Pensacola and includes the communities around both the front gate of NAS and the back gate of NAS! Main roads in this area include Gulf Beach Hwy, Sorrento Road, Innerarity Point Road, and Perdido Key Drive. 

In addition, the 32507 zip code is home to:

  • Closest area to Naval Air Station Pensacola!
  • Numerous parks such as Big Lagoon State Park, Perdido Kids Park, and Bayou Tarklin Wetlands
  • Beach parks including Johnson's Beach which is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and Perdido Key State Park
  • Pensacola Country Club  and Perdido Bay Golf course
  • Schools such as Warrington Elementary School, Pleasant Grove Elementary School, Navy Point Elementary School, and Warrington Middle School

Pensacola, FL 32508- This is a zip code used entirely by Naval Air Station Pensacola! 

Pensacola, FL 32514- Northeast Pensacola 

The 32514 zip code is considered Northeast Pensacola, Florida. This area is the area north of 1-10 to Escambia Bay and West of Chemstrand Road. It's a smaller geographic area but includes a good mix of commercial, residential, and multi-family properties. It includes waterfront properties along the Escambia River and Escambia Bay. The main roads in the 32514 zip code include E 9 Mile Road, Olive Road, North Davis Hwy, and Scenic Hwy.

The 32514 zip code is also home to:

  • The University of West Florida 
  • Elyson Industrial Park 
  • Large employers including ECUA, General Electric, and Wayne Dalton Corporation 
  • Scenic Hills Country Club
  • West Florida Hospital  

Pensacola, FL 32526- Northwest Pensacola

The 32526 zip code represents one of the largest geographic areas in Pensacola and includes the communities of Beulah and Bellview. The area stretches west from the 32505 and 32534 zip codes to the Florida/ Alabama state line and north to I-10. It includes the main highways of Mobile Hwy and West Nine Mile Rd. The 32526 zip code area continues to show drastic growth as the Navy Federal Credit Union Headquarters began development here several years ago. Because of this new demand, we are seeing new schools like Kingsfield Elementary and Beulah Middle School, as well as a large influx in new construction homes and apartment communities.

32526 Zip Code is also home to:

  • Pensacola Interstate Fairgrounds
  • Navy Federal Credit Union Headquarters
  • Interstate 10 Exit 5 (the 1st exit in Florida!) and the Florida Welcome Center 
  • Five Flags Speedway

Pensacola, FL 32533- Cantonment 

The 32533 zip code stretches from the Alabama/ Florida border east and 10 Mile Road north to the Molino area. This area is known as the city of Cantonment, Florida and includes mostly residential properties. The Cantonment area offers more land and availability of larger acreage and zoning for horses that you do not find the more urban areas in Pensacola. It is one of the largest zip codes in term of land mass but has some of the least amount of businesses in the area. There are fewer commercial properties including businesses, restaurants, and shopping in the Cantonment area as compared to the rest of the Pensacola zip codes. It is also home to the following:

  • Cantonment Park
  • International Paper 
  • Perdido River Wildlife Management Area 

Pensacola, FL 32534- North Northwest Pensacola 

The 32524 zip code is located in North Northwest Pensacola south of Cantonment and east of the Beulah 32526 area. It is a relatively small zip code which encompasses a large portion of 9 Mile Rd. and Hwy 29 from Interstate 10 to Kingsfield Rd. In this zip code is the Ensley Neighborhood and includes shopping such as Publix and Walmart Supercenter. There is a mix of both residential and commercial properties in this area. 

Pensacola, FL 32561- Pensacola Beach

Even though you have to drive through Santa Rosa County's Gulf Breeze to access Pensacola Beach, Pensacola Beach is actually part of Escambia County! Pensacola Beach has a small commercial market and is mostly made up of residential housing as well as townhomes and condo communities. There are a few hotels and an RV park on the island and many of the homeowners rent their properties as short term, vacation rentals. 

Santa Rosa County Zip Codes & Areas

We are proud to present the following information on Santa Rosa County, Florida for the communities of Pace, Milton, Gulf Breeze, and Navarre, Florida. 

Santa rosa county, Florida zip codes  

Gulf Breeze, FL 32561- Gulf Breeze Proper & Pensacola Beach

The 32561 zip code, actually belongs to two counties- both Escambia County for Pensacola Beach and Santa Rosa County for the Gulf Breeze proper region. The Gulf Breeze proper typically refers to the area east of the Naval Live Oaks area of the Gulf Islands National Seashore along US Hwy 98 East or Gulf Breeze Pkwy and is represented by the City Limits or the City of Gulf Breeze. Gulf Breeze is located south and east of Pensacola, west of Navarre, and north of Pensacola Beach.

Home prices in Gulf Breeze, Florida 32561 tend to be among the highest, with rents and sales prices highest in the City Limits and near the waterfront. Gulf Breeze Schools have been ranked among the highest locally and are highly sought after.  As Gulf Breeze is a peninsula with water surrounding three sides, there is a surplus of residential waterfront real estate here. To the north is Pensacola Bay and East Bay and to the south is Santa Rosa Sound. Gulf Breeze is home to a good mix of residential and commercial with little multi-family, condo, and apartment opportunities. The majority of condos are located in the 32561 zip code on Pensacola Beach in Escambia County!

Also in the 32561 Gulf Breeze zip code are the following landmarks:

  • Gulf Breeze Hospital
  • Andrews Institute
  • Gulf Breeze Recreation Center
  • Shoreline Park
  • Gateway to Pensacola Beach

Gulf Breeze, FL 32563- Gulf Breeze and Midway 

The 32563 zip code encompasses the Naval Live Oaks Area of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and the land west of the city of Navarre, Florida.  Hwy 98 or Gulf Breeze Pkwy runs through the middle of Gulf Breeze with land and water both north and south of this major road. There is a good mix of both businesses and housing here, and while rents and home sale prices are more expensive in the 32563 zip code as compared to the Pensacola area, it is relatively more affordable, on average, than the neighboring 32561 zip code.  

Popular subsections and communities in 32563 Gulf Breeze include Tiger Point and Midway.  The Midway is referred to as such, because of its distance being midway between Gulf Breeze and Navarre.

Located in the 32563 Gulf Breeze zip code are the following attractions:

  • Gulf Islands National Seashore Naval Live Oaks Area
  • Tiger Point Golf Course
  • Gulf Breeze Zoo
  • Gulf Breeze Flea Market
  • Oriole Beach Public Boat Launch
  • Garcon Point Bridge which connects Gulf Breeze to norther Santa Rosa County’s city of Milton

Jay and Chumuckla, Florida 32565

Both the communities of Jay and Chumuckla are smaller, rural communities with populations less than 1,000 people located in the 32565 zip code. Chumuckla is just north of Pace, Florida.  Jay is a small town in the northern end of Santa Rosa County. Jay is located north of Pace and Chumuckla. This is largely farmland with little industry or commercial spaces. Many of the residents farm and drive to Pace and Milton for essentials. We don’t manage homes in these communities so don’t have as much information on them for you!

Navarre, FL 32566- Navarre & Navarre Beach

East of Gulf Breeze and west of Fort Walton Beach is a waterfront city named Navarre and its beach, appropriately named, Navarre Beach. Navarre has grown immensely over the last ten years. Due to the proximity to Hurlburt Field Air Force Base, this area maintains a large population of active duty and retired military service members. Current estimates for the population of Navarre, Florida total approximately 40,000, making it one of the larger communities in the Florida Panhandle west of Tallahassee.

Navarre is home to plenty of commercial, residential, and multi-family real estate including several larger apartment complexes and retail spaces. Just south of Navarre is Santa Rosa Sound and neighboring Navarre Beach which borders the Gulf of Mexico.  East Bay runs along northern Navarre providing additional waterfront properties.

Popular subsections and communities in Navarre include Holley Navarre and Woodlawn Beach as well as neighboring Navarre Beach.   

The Navarre, Florida 32566 zip code is also home to:

  • Holley By The Sea Neighborhood
  • Navarre Park
  • Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center & Navarre Beach Marine Science Station
  • Panhandle Butterfly House
  • The Club at Hidden Creek Golf Course

Milton, Florida 32570 – Milton  

Milton, Florida is a city located in Northern Santa Rosa County just north of Gulf Breeze across the Bay. Milton is located east of the city of Pace and west of Holt and Crestview. This large landmass is home to about 30,000 residents with less than 10,000 in the City limits of Milton. The main roads in Milton’s 32570 zip include Interstate I-10, Hwy 90 through Milton, and Hwy 87 which runs north to the Alabama State line.

Milton is home to an increasing amount of new construction residential and commercial properties and has experienced tremendous growth along with Pace, Florida in the past five to ten years. Naval Air Station Whiting Field trains helicopter pilots for the military and draws a lot of active duty and retired military. Milton is also home to several local farm and agricultural lands. Each year during fall, local residents from both Escambia and Santa Rosa County make the trek to northern Milton to visit one of the local farms for pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and eventually Christmas trees.

This part of Milton is rich in nature, history and geographically abundant. The City of Milton is one of the oldest cities in the state of Florida as the Blackwater River was used as a major source of transportation for the lumber trade in the 1800s. Today, it is largely recreational as Blackwater River runs through and there are plenty of opportunities for hiking, nature trails, camping, tubing, kayaking. It’s also home to Coldwater Gardens along Coldwater Creek where you can enjoy glamping for a nominal fee and Krul Lake State Recreation where you can fish.

Popular subareas in 32570 Milton include Berryhill, Point Baker, Munson, and Allentown areas.

The Milton, FL 32570 zip code is also home to:

  • Naval Air Station Whiting Field
  • Santa Rosa County Courthouse and Library
  • Pensacola State College Milton Campus & Locklin Technical College
  • Blackwater River State Park
  • Downtown Milton
  • Milton Riverwalk
  • Blackwater Heritage Trail State Park
  • Adventures Unlimited Outdoor Center
  • Krul Lake State Recreation Area
  • Coldwater Gardens, Sweet Seasons Farms, and Holland Farms

Pace, Florida 32571- Pace

Pace is a small city located in northwestern Santa Rosa County, east of Pensacola and west of Milton, Florida.  Pace features a relatively small landmass with Hwy 90 running through the center. Pace has experienced large population growth over the last ten years with an explosion in both residential and commercial new construction. Pace, which once had one stoplight, is home to several major retailers, restaurants, shopping centers, entertainment and more. It is known for strong school districts and is currently discussing building new schools to meet population growth.

The increase in demand for this area has caused both rents and sales prices to increase over time making it more in line with the prices of Santa Rosa County’s Navarre and Gulf Breeze communities. There is much less waterfront real estate in Pace, and it is limited to a small part along northern Escambia Bay that borders the southern shores of Pace. While now largely residential and commercial, Pace is also home to several nice parks and even a nudist park.

Popular subareas in Pace include the Pea Ridge, Floridatown, Five Points, and Spencerfield.

The Pace, FL 32571 zip code is also home to:

  • Benny Russell Park
  • Santa Rosa Sports Plex
  • Stonebrook Golf Club
  • Spencer Naval Outlying Field
  • Alyssa’s Antique Depot
  • Oops Alley Family Entertainment Center
  • All the good local shopping in Northern Santa Rosa County

Molino, Florida 32577

Molino is north of Cantonment and is included in the Pensacola metropolitan area. This is a relatively large landmass with a smaller population of approximately 1,500 residents. Residents enjoy a quieter way of life and live on larger landmasses here. We don’t manage much real estate in Molino but can definitely help you buy and sell Molino real estate and do occasionally offer Molino home rentals.  

Milton, Florida 32583- Milton and Harold, Florida

South and east of Milton’s main 32570 zip code is the 32583 zip code.  While representing around the same amount of landmass as 32570, it is home to fewer residents. A large portion of 32583 is the Yellow River Wildlife Management area and, because of this, there are more wetlands and less residential housing. Interstate I-10 runs through here and does include exit 25 for access as well as the toll bridge, Garcon Point Bridge, which connects upper and lower Santa Rosa County from Milton to Gulf Breeze. This includes Blackwater Bay and the Yellow River Marsh Preserve State Park along Blackwater Bay. The 32583 zip code is home to relatively little commercial and multi-family properties. In regards to housing, there are few condos and townhomes here, but there are some single-family homes, including waterfront and new construction homes.

Popular subareas in Milton 32583 include Avalon, Mulat, East Milton, Bagdad, and Harold.

The Milton, Florida 32583 zip code is also home to:

  • Garcon Point Toll Bridge
  • Peter Prince Air Field
  • Yellow River Wildlife Management Area
  • Blackwater Bay
  • Blackwater River Correctional Facility


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