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Hurricane Information for Realty Masters Owners

Hurricane Season begins June 1st and runs through November 30th, with the peak of activity in the summer months of August and September. During this time, we ask that all property owners and residents stay aware of the weather reports and have a hurricane preparedness plan in place for your family and your property. 

Hurricane Sally Information 

We are currently monitoring and feeling effects from Hurricane Sally, currently expected to make landfall in the Gulf of Mexico near Pascagoula, MS tomorrow. This storm is a slow moving system and will have potentially devastating rain and flooding effects in our area.

We are not worried about wind speeds from this storm so we are not dispatching storm shutters at this time. We have advised tenants to bring in and secure outdoor items.  We are sending out emails to both our tenants and owners now but will also update this website with more information. 

Review our Hurricane Preparation Information for Tenants here.

We appreciate your patience as we work diligently to prepare and assess all properties and address everyone's concerns.

Here's some information to help assist our clients with general preparedness. It will be updated in the event of a storm approaching our area. 

Homeowner's Insurance

Per the management agreement, you should have updated your insurance company to include Realty Masters as additional insured so we receive copies of your insruance policies. If you have not, we will be unable to assist you with an insurance claim. Please make time to locate your insurance policies in case they are needed for after the storm.

Flood Damages
Please remember, your insurance policy does not cover flood damages unless you have a separate policy

Filing an Insurance Claim
It is the owner's responsibility to file an insurance claim once the storm has passed and damages are accurately reported. We are happy to coordinate meeting the adjuster at the property or have your tenants do so, however, we are not authorized to file an insurance claim on your behalf. 


Hurricane Shutters

If you want us to install hurricane shutters at your property: 
Due to the lack of resources available in the area, we are only securing storm and/or hurricane shutters on properties that already have 1) pre-cut plywood on site 2) hurricane panels on site or 3) hurricane fabric shield shutters on site. We are unable to supply contractors to locate, purchase and install plywood. Often times, installing plywood does more damage to the property than it helps with. Our focus is on installing hurricane shutters that are made for the property and being sure that your tenants bring outside items in that can be used as projectiles. 

Our Instructions to your tenants:

At this time, we are not recommending the installation of hurricane shutters or plywood. As of now, we are recommending that you remove and/or secure any items outdoors that could become projectiles. Please review the hurricane information below for more details. 

  • Regardless of development, do not put tape on your windows.
  • Do not crack windows or doors. A tightly sealed exterior is important to maintain during a storm.
  • If a window should break during a storm, safely evacuate the area until it is safe to return.

How to Install Hurricane Shutters:

You should not have to screw anything into your siding or window frames to install hurricane shutters. Reach out to our office with any questions.

Preparing for a Tropical Storm or Hurricane

As we do live in a hurricane prone area, hurricane preparation is something that should be on the property owner's mind well in advance of a hurricane threatening our area. Review this article from FEMA in how you can protect your home against hurricane damage. 

FEMA- Protect your Home against Hurricane Damage

Search for Flood Zones
Use FEMA's site to search Flood Zones for all counties. Just type in your address(es) here. Zone X is the most desirable in our area as the denotes a minimal flood risk.

Search Evacuation Zones
Do you know if you live in an evacuation zone? Use this link to search for your property or check the maps below.

Escambia County Evacuation Zones 
Santa Rosa County Evacuation Zones

Search Local Shelters
Escambia Evacuation Shelter List  
Santa Rosa County Evacuation Shelter List

Hurricane Preparedness Resources:

Realty Masters Blog Articles:

Should a Hurricane or Tropical Storm Hit the Area

The National Weather Service will issue a tropical storm or hurricane watch within 24-36 hours of hurricane conditions. As we may be without utilities or the ability to travel locally for several days after a storm, we ask for your patience during this time.

We have set up a web form for your tenants to submit property condition reports to our office. We also have reports coming in via text and email. Our office has created a condition rating scale to prioritize contact and repairs. In the days following the storm, we will be gathering condition reports from residents and sending our team in the field to gather condition reports as well as additional documentation. 

Here is an overview of the property condition scale. 

Critical Condition Property Rating Scale 

Prioritize properties by condition, Assign each property a condition scale based on the damage assessment report

0- No damage (No damage sustained at all) 
1- Minimal Damage (Minimal damage including exterior damage to fencing or siding) 
2- Some Damage Present (Some damage present but only to exterior of home on fencing, siding, window) 
3- Significant (Significant damage present including broken windows, tree limbs down or hanging, siding damage, minor roofing damage evident) 
4- Severe (Severe damage including safety hazards present, minor flooding, trees down, serious roof damage and water leaks, unsecured property) 
5- Uninhabitable (Completely uninhabitable with water 4+ feet throughout property, large tree on home, siding compromised, foundation compromised, huge holes in roof or home completely devastated) 

For Condition 3-5 properties, notify owners and tenants if they are out of town and secure the home immediately

Condition 0-2 properties, after repairs of condition 3 -5 properties are assigned for work orders, take pictures and follow the usual procedures for these non urgent property repairs.

We will be notifying owners with condition 3-5 properties before notifying those of reports for condition 0-2. 


After the Hurricane 

Report Property Condition after a storm here If you are a landlord that lives locally, please feel free to utilize this form to report damages at your property. Your tenants have been provided this link to utilize to make property condition reports. 

After the Hurricane

Our management team will not risk the safety of any of our employees, tenants or vendors in an attempt to gather property condition reports quicker. We will wait until officials state that it is safe to travel.

We will not allow your tenants to climb on the roof or enter any other hazardous situation. 

We ask that your tenants report their damage as soon as possible and have records of tenants who have both chosen to stay and evacuate. If the home is completely unlivable, we may be forced to return the tenant's deposit so they can find alternate housing. 

We will dispatch contractors on a triage system as soon as conditions and roads allow.

We have notified all residents and team members that written authorization by the homeowner or landlord must be obtained prior to FEMA or any other person or agency installing a tarp on the roof! The tenant is not authorized to do any repairs without written authorization.

FEMA Assistance Eligibility 

If a disaster is declared, there may be assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA. FEMA may be able to assist with temporary housing, emergency funds, and losses without insurance.
Disaster Assistance
Apply for Disaster Assistance FEMA
Red Cross Northwest Florida Chapter