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Rent vs Sell

Listing with Realty Masters For Rent or Sale at the Same Time!

A 90 day listing contract will be required to put your home on the Pensacola MLS Multiple Listing Service and syndication to multiple other internet sites to include Zillow, Trulia, Homes.com, etc.

We would require the home be listed for sale only for at least the first 30 days, after that it can be listed for rent or for sale and if the home rents, the listing contract can be cancelled without penalty and the home withdrawn from the sales market.

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In order to make any decisions on whether you should ultimately rent or sell your home, you must have a good market anaylsis of both the Rental Value and the Sales Value. To request a market anaylsis for both the sale and rental markets, give us some basic information here.

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Are you cut out to be a Landlord?

Landlording can be a pleasant experience or sometimes a very stressful one. You may learn a thing or two along the way and making mistakes can be costly. Of course if you do not want to actually deal with your tenants yourselves, you can always hire a professional property management firm like Realty Masters of Florida to do the job for you.

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Renting versus Selling Blog with more in-depth analysis

You now own your home! You have been living the good life of homeownership, but you find your needs changing. You could have received a job offer somewhere else and need to move. When you bought the place you were single and now you have a spouse and children, or the space is too small, and you are looking for more room. If this sounds like you, you may consider the option of selling the home and buying another or keeping it to rent and moving to a new home. Not all landlords set out to become landlords, but life happens and you should look at your situation, weigh the options, and do what makes the most sense for you.

For a more in-depth analysis, Take a look at our blog 

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